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Our Services
NES provides a wide range of expert engineering and security services, as shown below, and leverages decades of combined experience assessing and securing complex enterprise-level infrastructure to meet industry compliance guidelines, regulations, and key security frameworks (SEC, FINRA, NFA, NIST, FFIEC, ISO, SANS).

Our Differentiating Capabilities & Work Products
Our cybersecurity teams comprise only highly-experienced security personnel beginning with our tactical on-site leads – certified white hat hackers, each of whom has more than 20 years of offensive and defensive cybersecurity experience. And each of our teams includes a cross-functional set of skills, including:

  • Tactical Team Lead (Certified White Hat Hacker / Red Team Lead)
  • Cybersecurity Policy Expert & Trainer (Certified)
  • Senior Systems & Cloud Engineer
  • Senior Network & Firewall Engineer
  • Senior Database Architect
  • Digital Forensics Expert

Our experts are trained to anticipate your attacker and to respond in the event of an emergency, and our modular service packages are designed to provide actionable intelligence to your firm’s senior management. It is for this reason that our on-site vulnerability and security assessment service is holistic (across your external and internal networks and systems) and includes a customized, proprietary analysis of potential exploits as they would appear to an experienced attacker. Our detailed assessment is then coupled with our cybersecurity team’s deep engineering and policy capabilities, enabling us to: (1) remediates any vulnerabilities that we detect within your environment (e.g., encryption and database hardening services), (2) ensures that your firm’s policies and procedures meaningfully reflect your environment and risk management priorities, and (3) provides important follow-on services such as customized security training, social engineering simulations, data-driven 3rd-party risk assessments and verifications, internal and external penetration testing of your local and cloud environments, continuous monitoring and monthly C-level reporting, cybersecurity insurance assessments, and remote and on-site incident response and forensics.

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At NES we know that cybersecurity means more than a simple remote scan and a few off-the-shelf policy documents – it requires real security professionals who have experience facing actual attacks. It means actively managing security risks before they impact your firm and adapting to a developing regulatory landscape in a manner that is effective while operationally manageable. Most importantly cybersecurity means protecting your investor, client and employee data and, ultimately, your reputation. NES offers a proven and trusted team of professionals and we stand ready to help with all your cybersecurity needs.

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