Services Overview

Cybersecurity Services Overview

NES Cyber Services Wheel - FINAL

Security Engineering and Cybersecurity Services
Secure Network Design & Deployment

  • Enterprise (international WAN capabilities)
  • Wireless (WLAN)
  • Mobile
  • Virtual
  • Private and Public Cloud (including Hybrid environments)

Perimeter Hardening & Advanced Firewall Installation/ Configuration
Continuous Monitoring

  • Network Applications
  • User Behavior
  • Network Traffic Flow and Log Analysis

Data Center Design, Migration, and Consolidation
Database Hardening
Encryption Services – Analysis and Implementation
Systems Integration
Application Migration & Optimization

Security Consulting, Advisory and Training Services
Regulatory Compliance-focused Documentation

  • Document Creation
  • Periodic Reviews & Updates (Quarterly or Annual)
  • Covers all key SEC documents

Employee Information Security Training
Customized Security Training

  • Senior Management and Board-focused
  • IT Admin-focused
  • Compliance and CISO-focused

Advanced Consulting & Training on Security Frameworks and Regulatory Guidance

  • Corporates: FTC, NIST, ISO, COBIT, SANS
  • Finance-specific: SEC, NFA, CFTC, FFIEC, NYDFS
  • Healthcare-specific: HIPAA / HITECH

Network and Asset Mapping

  • Compliance-focused Asset Inventory
  • Application Flows
  • Configuration Management

Comprehensive (On-site) Network Cybersecurity Health Assessment

  • Complimentary Initial Scan and Risk Report
  • Prioritized evaluation of risks by SANS-certified experts and engineers
  • Coordination with 3rd parties (e.g. IT admins) to address vulnerabilities 

On-going Monitoring (Continuous, Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual)  
Pen Testing (On-site or Remote)

  • White, Gray, and Black-box Testing
  • Customized threat actor-specific simulations

3rd-Party Oversight & Due Diligence Reviews

  • Inventory of all 3rd-parties, access points, and data flows
  • Security review of all major service providers
  • 3rd-party audit of IT admin services (e.g. patching, firewall configurations)
  • Review of all IT-oriented service level agreements (SLAs)

Insider Threat Analysis & Training  
Incident Response Planning and Advice (On-Site)
Incident and Digital Forensics  
Physical Security Review (major offices and data centers)
Private Client Services

  • Comprehensive Individual Risk Assessment
  • Real-time Maintenance of Risk Analysis
  • Scalable (global) private cloud implementation and maintenance