Private Client Security Services

Private Client Security Services

NES Cyber provides custom engineering and security services to enhance the security posture of key corporate personnel and private family offices.

Our services include the following:

Comprehensive Individual Risk Assessment

  • Social (internet) “Foot Print” analysis and scrubbing
  • Physical security assessments (home, office, etc)
  • Mobile phone and laptop security

On-going Monitoring & Risk Analysis

  • Periodic reviews of network traffic to identify anomalous behavior
  • Insider threat analysis
  • Security training for key persons (staff, family members, etc)

Scalable (Global) Private Cloud Implementation and Maintenance

  • Local, mobile, and virtual network design & security reviews
  • Database hardening and at-rest encryption

Incident Response

  • Real-time analysis and advice
  • On-site mitigation, forensics, and remediation