Secure Network Design & Firewalls

Secure Network Design & Firewalls

What Sets the NES Cyber Services Apart
Our network engineers are second to none in terms of expertise, and our global staff of 500 engineers, developers, architects, and security experts perform all levels of network design, configuration, implementation, security assessments, optimization, and maintenance.

Next-Generation Firewalls and IDS/ IPS
Our engineers install and configure the most advanced next-generation firewalls and related intrusion-detection/ intrusion-prevention technologies (e.g. CISCO, Juniper, Palo Alto, SonicWALL, Fortinet).

Related Device Installations and Configurations
Our related installations and configurations include, but are not limited to:

  • Layer 2/3/4 Switches (e.g. CISCO, Juniper, HP, Dell)
  • Access Controls (e.g. CISCO, Juniper, Aruba)
  • Load Balancers (e.g. F5, CISCO, Juniper)
  • Web Proxies (e.g. Bluecoat, F5)

Other Perimeter Security Services
We offer a range of supporting security services, which include:

  • Firewall selection, procurement, and training (of IT Admins, etc)
  • Hardening and integrated deployment
  • Monitoring (periodic or continuous)
  • Data aggregation and periodic reporting for logs, alerts, and traffic analysis
  • Attribution and threat analysis (by white hats and Red Team trainers)
  • Device maintenance and on-going configuration management
  • Web content filtering
  • Anti-virus
  • Custom data loss/ leak protection (i.e. proactive data exfiltration filtering)
  • Operationally aligned network segmentation and zoning
  • Mobile device management
    • Dynamic VLAN assignments based on “Trust Models”
    • Secure WAN transport including SSL/ IPSec/ and VVPN services
  • Software-defined networking
    • Openflow certified work
    • Dynamic network provisioning based on application needs and SLAs
    • Enhanced security based on pre-defined network flows and communication partners
  • Traffic analysis
    • Netflow-based development and monitoring of network baseline(s)
    • Analysis and periodic (monthly or quarterly) reporting of internet services usage
  • Business requirements reviews and optimization
    • Periodic (monthly or quarterly) reviews of business requirements to ensure optimal alignment between the security solution(s) and current threats or business needs
    • Independent validation of log analysis to ensure an up-to-date security posture