NES Awarded FBI’s Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) Contract

ALEXANDRIA, VA – September 11, 2015 – NES Associates, LLC ( was awarded the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Information Technology Services Division, Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) Contract. NES will provide expert support services to maintain the EOC’s operations associated with the FBI’s enterprise-wide help desk.

The EOC is tasked with the responsibility of continuously monitoring and maintaining the FBI’s Enterprise computer system and successful execution of these programs requires the FBI to constantly monitor work being performed. Under this contract and to keep all FBI programs operating at a high level, NES will provide service in the areas of Tier 1 Service Desk, Tier 2 Network Support, Tier 2 System Administration, Tier 1 & Tier 2 Applications support, Knowledge Management and Security/Access support.

“NES is very excited to support the FBI under this contract,” says Tom Wells, NES Director of Software Services and Security. “We are thrilled to begin building a partnership with the FBI by providing enterprise-wide help desk expertise that enables the FBI to function optimally.”

Additionally, NES will support the FBI’s four distinct networks: Unclassified, Secret and Top Secret and the Blacknet, which is the FBI’s external data transmission network. Over 1,100 communication circuits connect three domestic data centers, 53 CONUS field divisions, three OCONUS field divisions, approximately 500 smaller domestic/OCONUS remote offices, and 91 offices located in foreign countries. The FBI services approximately 44,000 users.

The period of performance for the EOC contract is one base year with four 12-month option periods.

About NES

NES is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, and provides network engineering and IT services to customers around the globe who depend on highly secure and reliable technology solutions. NES specializes in network design and implementation, network performance optimization, network operations, service continuity management, software development and cybersecurity.

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