NES Hosts Incredible New Disaster Relief Application

Mercury Application-NES’ First Cloud Hosted SAAS Application

Alexandria, October 17, 2016:  NES Associates (NES) began hosting Mercury Spectrum Collaboration Application (Mercury), NES’ first cloud hosted SAAS application. This application will be used across nations in response to disaster relief and other humanitarian efforts.  After a disaster occurs, countries will be able to use Mercury to coordinate between responders more efficiently to enable faster response times.

Mercury has already proved to be one of the most useful disaster relief tools in the world.  It was used to provide valuable communication services after the Philippines Typhon and Nepal Earthquake. Mercury application was developed to meet a capability gap to coordinate spectrum usage in response to Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief events.  By NES hosting this app in the cloud, electromagnetic spectrum interference will no longer be an issue contributing to the delay of disaster relief.

“This isn’t about hosting an innovative piece of technology, this is about saving lives and improving conditions for people all over the world.  This app bridges so many capability gaps that stood in the way of immediate disaster relief in the past,” said Andy Gomer, NES CEO.  “We finally have a system that can close those gaps and get disaster sites the help they need in a much timelier manner”. 

NES, formerly DreamHammer, designed, developed, deployed, and currently maintains the Mercury application.  NES provides the ongoing maintenance of the app, as well as improvements based on customer priority.  During major operations, like the Nepal Earthquake and Philippian Typhon, NES works around the clock to ensure the efficiency of the application during times of high usage.  In an effort to assist as many countries as possible, NES also provides video training tutorials for the Mercury application in all available languages supported by Google.

About NES Associates

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