Navy Seaport-e Team and IDIQ Contact

Seaport-e Team

NES has formed a team of trusted, capable partners. Epsilon Systems is a current SeaPort-e contract holder with a deep understanding and a track record of successful contract performance for the U.S. Navy. They have been instrumental in supporting this proposal and we look forward to teaming with Epsilon on many SeaPort-e opportunities.

MVLE is an AbilityOne company that NES is currently working with to provide employment opportunities for Wounded Warriors and other people with physical limitations. NES has a strategic partnership with MVLE. Our goal is to staff SeaPort-e tasking with Wounded Warriors whenever possible.

We have intentionally limited our team to two subcontractors to facilitate coordination early in the program. We will add teammates over the life of the contract (with the Contracting Officer’s approval) as warranted by the opportunities we pursue. NES recognized that we could not provide the full breadth and depth of experience on our own, so we selected Epsilon to complement our existing resources. The inclusion of MVLE provides NES the opportunity to further help find employment opportunities for Wounded Warriors (this is a company commitment which we take very seriously).

Visit their corporate websites to learn more about our teaming partners:


IDIQ Contact

Contract Manager
Lori Severson
Director, Business Development
NES Associates
(703) 224-2600