IT Infrastructure Architecture, Planning, and Design


Streamline IT systems to optimize system performance and provide an architecture that will rapidly scale — to meet your changing mission needs while achieving IT service availability requirements

When you want your project delivered with the highest quality outcome, NES:

  • Provides and tests our proof of concept in a lab environment.
  • Offers specific test plans and expected results—and we explain any deviations.
  • Constantly communicates with you during each stage of the project.
  • Is vendor agnostic and always selects the right solution to meet your requirement.
  • Provides qualified staffing and resources while being fiscally mindful.

NES customers really appreciate our . . .

  • Professionalism and work ethic.
  • Technical expertise across all IT domains which enables us to understand the nuanced details of your business, technology and security requirements.
  • Solutions that are tailored to meet your exact requirements—we don’t provide a generic cookie-cutter design that only partially meets your objectives.
  • Commitment to continually communicate with you throughout the entire project and flexibility in supporting changing requirements as the project evolves over time.

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We are relentless and don’t stop until the project is done and done right.”

Experienced IT Infrastructure Architecture Team

The NES Team includes Certified Engineers (Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Polycom, etc.) with vast expertise, relevant past performance, and strong vendor relationships. NES has the past performance with infrastructure design, implementation and sustainment of technologies to include:

  • WAN Technologies and Transition (ATM, IP P2P, MPLS, IPv6, NIPRNet, SIPRNet)
  • WAN Optimization (Optimizers, Quality of Service, Capacity Planning)
  • Wireless LAN (Cisco, Aruba, Xirrus)
  • Voice-over IP (Cisco CME, CUCM, Avaya)
  • Video Teleconferencing and Video Streaming (Cisco, Polycom, Vidyo, VBrick, Mediasite)
  • LAN Technologies, etc. (NAC/802.1x, Web Content Filtering, Multicast)
  • Security/IA Hardware (Firewalls, VPN, IDS/IPS, DLP, SWG)

Typical Engagement with NES:

  • CUSTOMER INTERVIEW: The first step in our process is to meet directly with you and your key staff regarding your IT requirements. During our interview, we gather information spanning your Business, Technology and Security domain requirements.
  • DESIGN: After the interview, our experts develop a solution to meet all stated requirements. If a specific product vendor’s solution is part of the requirement, we’ll contact them directly to participate in the design phase. Otherwise, we’ll evaluate available technology from all vendors and identify the best product to meet your requirement.
  • LAB TESTING: As the design evolves, we perform in-depth testing of vendor products to ensure they perform as expected. Once all products are selected, we perform integrated systems-level testing of the complete solution to validate that all components work seamlessly together per the design and provide you with a comprehensive test plan, with expected, measured results.
  • OPTIMAL SOLUTION: Based on the lab test results, we will document the optimal architecture solution to meet your mission requirements. The solution will provide both logical and physical interface diagrams as well as the material required at each site and the equipment support requirements (e.g., Power, Space, HVAC).
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: We perform an in-depth technical and quality assurance review to ensure the best possible solution is developed – one that is clearly documented for you.
  • DELIVERY: We provide you with a comprehensive and professional product that documents the results of our work during every step of the process and the resulting optimal solution to meet your business and operational needs.

“Exceptional” customer satisfaction ratings and a 100% contract renewal rate PROVE that we provide the quality you expect.