Telecommunications Bandwidth Cost Optimization


Striking an ideal balance between your Cost of Bandwidth and availability of critical IT services

When you need a comprehensive analysis of all existing long-haul bandwidth at your site, NES looks for the optimal solution with opportunities to:

  • Minimize recurring (ARC) leased-bandwidth costs.
  • Streamline operations and reduce complexity by consolidating the quantity of leased circuits/trunks terminating at each site.
  • Maximize availability of critical IT resources by maintaining diverse routing of commercial trunks.
  • Assure compliance with Mission Assurance Category (MAC) requirements for survivability and availability of critical infrastructure and communications systems.

NES customers really appreciate our . . .

  • Proven history of performing bandwidth cost optimization studies that yield dramatic reductions in cost while providing more reliable communications services.
  • Bandwidth cost savings that are based on real quotes rather than projections or estimates.
  • Detailed mapping of the physical path used by commercial networks to provide validation of circuit/path diversity.
  • Deliverables which include a step-by-step process needed to execute your plan and achieve the stated results.
  • Robust technical team comprised of Systems Engineers, Network Engineers and Telecommunications Engineers.
  • Available experienced staff holding active U.S. security clearances up to Top Secret.

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NES is fortunate to have a team of experienced commercial telecomm engineers with a history of supporting the United States Department of Defense.

Service Details:

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Typical Engagement with NES:

  • CUSTOMER INTERVIEW: The first step in our process is to meet directly with you and your key staff to understand your IT systems and associated availability demands in order to meet your operational requirements.
  • VENDOR PRE-QUALIFICATION: After the interview, we contact the commercial telecommunications providers in your region to determine which vendors are able to provide service to your site.
  • TRUNK/CIRCUIT IDENTIFICATION: We will work directly with your staff, site personnel and the circuit management office to identify every existing commercial circuit and gather key information for each to include: diversity and availability requirements, bandwidth, DEMARC points, physical on-site path, end equipment and physical interface the circuit terminates on for each end of the circuit.
  • OPTIMAL SOLUTION: We coordinate with all pre-qualified telecommunications service providers on your site’s requirements to develop an optimal solution to meet your unique requirements at the lowest possible cost, to include the one-time Non-Recurring Charges (NRCs) as well as Annual Recurring Charges (ARCs).
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: We perform an in-depth technical and quality assurance review to ensure the best possible solution is developed and clearly documented for the customer.
  • DELIVERY: We provide you a comprehensive and professional product that documents the results of our work for every step of the process and the resulting optimal solution to meet your business and operational needs. The solution we provide includes a detailed step-by-step implementation plan to achieve the target design.

NES maintains business relationships with U.S. and International telecommunications service providers – but we are not affiliated with any. Our focus is on delivering the best solution at the lowest cost to our customers!