ADCCP Reduces Army Data Center O & M Costs

Army Data Center Consolidation Plan (ADCCP) Reduces Costs and Complexity of Army Data Centers

CHALLENGE: In accordance with the Office of Management and Budget Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI), the Army has ordered that the total number of data centers deployed throughout the service be significantly reduced. Army regulation AR 25-1, Army Information Technology, states that “The purpose of the Army Data Center Consolidation Plan (ADCCP) is to enhance performance, improve information security, and increase fiscal and operational efficiencies.” The reduction in data centers requires a coordinated level of effort, across a broad range of technical and business services including networking, architecture, data migration, software engineering, cybersecurity and contracting/acquisitions.

SOLUTION: NES Associates provides Program Lead, Enterprise Computing (PL EC) with system engineering and analysis support for the ADCCP mission. As part of this support, NES developed the Data Center Discovery and system/application migration processes approved by CIO/G-6, PL EC, and the major ADCCP stakeholders. NES provides the services required to assist PL EC in all actions necessary for engineering, development, integration, and implementation of all IT-related efforts managed by PL EC under Army technology modernization initiatives. These services include:

  • Program support, communications and outreach services to manage and coordinate ADCCP efforts
  • Project and Technical Management support services, and development of services acquisition support products to enable the consolidation and closure of data processing centers through system/application migration and modernization;
  • Technical assessments and right-sizing of systems/applications for optimal performance in the target hosting environment.

The NES Cyber Security team conducts initial assessments and provides subject-matter-expertise to guide capability owners in transitioning from DIACAP to RMF for migration readiness.

RESULT: NES has directly supported ADCCP through data center discoveries, assessments, and the adjudication processes.  To date, NES has visited 34 installations, assessed 610 data centers with a count of 21, 753 servers, and 5, 909 systems/applications. NES continues to support ADCCP through system/application migration and modernization assessments, development of Army private cloud service models, and development of ITSM-based standards to effectively and efficiently manage Army IT assets.  NES has completed migration assessment reports with rough order of magnitude hosting cost estimates for over 250 capabilities.  NES performs the following activities in support of consolidation and closure efforts:

  • Develop data-based and actionable engineering/execution plans to identify and implement consolidation and closure opportunities
  • Continuously monitor and track Army progress towards data center inventory reduction goals
  • Assess the current security posture of Army data centers and applications. Develop relevant policy and engineering plans/standards to implement measurable improvements in security posture.
  • Develop and recommend best practices-based cost models to most efficiently manage the Army IT portfolio to by leveraging approved public cloud services (e.g., Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, etc.) as well as private cloud services (Army Enterprise Data Centers).