HSMCC – Improves C2 Capability

Home Station Mission Command Center (HSMCC) Improves Army Command and Control Capability

CHALLENGE: The Home Station Mission Command Center (HSMCC) Initiative is an effort to provide Army Division, Corps, and theater level headquarters the ability to conduct Mission Command operations with common, standardized, and fixed operation centers. The challenge of HSMCC is to create increased collaboration and situational awareness capabilities for the Army command components, and for all tactical environments. The Mission Command centers must enable reach back and reach forward support, tactical command suite availability, coalition capability, training, logistics, and lifecycle sustainment. NES is the key mission partner to the HSMCC engineering and installation initiative.

SOLUTION: NES will deliver a suite of standardized capabilities utilized at Corps, Division and Theater Headquarters that supports expeditionary mission command, during all operational phases. HSMCC’s will reside within the mission command network to deliver uninterrupted command and control (C2) through a network comprised of intuitive, secured, standards-based capabilities adapted to the Commander’s requirements; which is integrated into a common operating environment. HSMCC will utilize advances in technology to improve C2 performance, allowing deployment of only necessary elements/personnel into AORs.

    RESULT: Once implemented, HSMCC will:

  • reduce time to deploy forces,
  • reduce forward deployed footprint for both personnel and equipment,
  • reduce logistics costs, and
  • reduce the number of personnel in harm’s way.